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What We Offer...

A Few Highlights


Concrete Patio

Stamped, Brushed, Colored

Here at Prestige we offer a broad selection of concrete finish options. When it comes to concrete patios, you are able to customize your space with a large selection of stamped designs and colors. Just how there are endless options for customization, there are endless options to where you might want a patio. For us no location is in question. 

Additions & Remodels

Kitchen, Bath, and more...

Here at Prestige, we do anything and everything interior. From renovations to restorations, we get the job done right. Aside from taking out and putting back in, we also specialize in custom work, we offer our skills to build all from scratch. From build in/ built on site to  additions and new construction and more. 


Concrete Curbs

Stamped, Mower, Slanted, Square, Brick and more...

Here is where it all started for Prestige, our foundation  to our company since the beginning. Our custom hardscape option for mulch beds, driveway borders and more! We offer a wide range of options when it comes to your landscaping needs. Concrete curbs will transform your space with adding color and texture with a Mower Edge, Slanted, Square Edge, Brick, Stamped and much, much more. 

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